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more snow?!......imagine THAT!! - Thu, Feb 18th, 2010
Written By: Polly Vandall
even SNOW in North Carolina!!!
...only 4 inches
Along with most of you, we have had our fair share of snowfall this year. Actually, I can’t remember ever having this much snow consistently in a row. The first storm knocked out our power for 4 days. Thank goodness for big generators and warm fireplaces!!! Actually, I live in a “remote” area most would consider the boonies. But, there are eight other houses on my little rural road. It was funny because all you heard driving down my one lane road was generators running (and my funny neighbor on his yard mower with a snow blade attached)! It was like nothing fazed us. Living where I do, if you don’t drive a 4x4 and have a generator, you won’t live there long!! But, in spite of the little inconvenience, we all did share in the fun. Sledding (for hours), building big tunnels, making as many snow angels as possible, and of course building the BEST snowman (only so Carter can SMASH it to pieces)!!! Since then, we’ve had three more storms and I’m seriously getting stir crazy!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the snow; I LOVE where I live and I LOVE snowstorms, but this is getting a little ridiculous! I’ve tried just about everything; even spent a weekend with my neighbors at a really fun indoor water park, just to change up things. To avoid yet another storm, Christal and I had to leave a day early for NC. It was definitely worth the drive because we had crisp cool days, but the SUNSHINE was such a nice change. But, never fear, we woke up one morning with 4 inches of snow. As I looked out the window, I noticed the crews plowing the highway with a frond end loader. I called it a bulldozer, but Christal was quick to correct me. Anyway, it was entertaining to watch. It quickly melted off by the end of the day. We then made a stop at Winston Salem on our way home and met with a group of customers. That was a fun and enjoyable week, as always!
Christal and I are still spinning each morning at 5am. It’s almost like a routine now and I think my body has adjusted its internal time clock to the change! It’s not all so bad after all. My personal trainer hasn’t given up on me either and I think he finds it amusing when I tell him my muscles are SCREAMING still three days later. But, it’s all fun and I’m certainly enjoying it.
We are looking forward to a fun filled Expo in Harrisburg, PA. We have gone here for years now, and it is always a show we look forward to attending!! And never fear, you can ALWAYS count on snow there as well!!! I’m sure there will be some funny blogs to follow……lol.

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