Berry Fit Consignment Policy

Consignment: We will gladly offer to resell custom clothing made by Berry Fit for one year. The garments must have been purchased new or custom. No sale items or previously purchased consignment clothing will be accepted.

There are several ways to get your garments to Berry Fit Company. However, prior to sending your garments, please remember we need to enter all the information into our system before it will be placed for resale. Therefore, if a garment is received at a show, it will need to be taken back to the home office and entered into the system before it is put out for resale. This is very important for larger shows like the Congress and world shows. You are also welcome to send us your garments. Please include your name, address, phone number, and the price you would like on each garment. We will determine the price if none is included. It is important to insure your package.

Berry Fit will price the item based on its original cost and condition unless you state a specific price. You will receive 65% of the resale price. Before any garment will be accepted, it must be clean, in good repair, and be an original Berry Fit design (that is, nothing added or changed by anyone else). If the garment needs cleaning or repair, it will be at your expense.

We will determine the best avenue to try to sell your clothes. Therefore, we will take some to AHQA, APHA, and other breed and trade shows across the country. Additionally, some, but not all clothes may be posted to our website or displayed in our show room.

When an item is sold, we will credit your account and notify you via mail. You have the option of receiving a check or leaving the credit on your account at Berry Fit.

Ultimately, if your garment has not sold, we will return them to you at your cost. Please call or e-mail us to give us your credit card # for the return shipping and handling cost.