SALE #0292a White Stretch Show Jacket, Ladies M, 8019-5

$ 2,135.00 $ 4,275.00

New white stretch show jacket has center front meet zipper, V neck cowboy collar, curved hemline.  Trimmed in black, silver and gold.  Unlined, hand wash and drip dry.  Zippers at wrist for a slimmer fit in the sleeves.  Over 3100 Swarovski crystals.

Just a reminder, body measurements need to be 1" smaller than garment measurements, or we can let out jacket a maximum of 2 1/2".

Jacket Measurements:

     Shoulders 16

     Sleeve length 24 1/2

     Bust 37

     Waist 32

     Finished back length 23

Design #0292a



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