Black Show Chaps

This collection of chaps includes new and used.  The black are grouped together and the rest are grouped in another spreadsheet.

Three body measurements are used:

     Chap Waist (true waist measurement, but tape is dropped in the front to a V that is about 3" below the true waist).  Snug.

     Thigh (taken over pants worn under chaps, about an inch below crotch) Snug and straight around.    

     Outseam (true waist on the side to the floor).  With boots.

The body and chaps should be the same or very close for the chap waist and thigh.  Add 5-6" to your body measurement, then compare that with the listed outseam measurement.

The length is the most expensive alteration, therefore, try for an accurate match on this.  The thigh can be altered, as can the waist.  However, any alteration over 2-3" will tend to throw the fit off somewhat.

Any items on our site may be returned immediately for a refund if they are not suitable.  However, there are some good prices in the chaps, as new ones are now running $595 and up.

Call me at 330-268-4033 if you have any questions.