Garment Care

Do not store any leather garments in plastic bags for more than a week at a time and never leave them in the garment bag in extreme heat.
    • Brush your leather to remove particles of dust and dirt before storing them.
    • Leather chaps should be professionally dry-cleaned using a reliable leather cleaner.
    • Chaps and garments using Ultrasuede® can be hand washed.
    • Hand polish the silver domes (yes, they are real silver) that decorate some garments by gently rubbing a jewelers cloth over them to keep them shiny and bright.
    • To re-attach the Austrian crystals to garments, use Super Glue Gel on leather and the metallic fabrics. Use Aleene's Jewel-It (embellishing glue) on all suede and cloth fabrics.
    • Use Forever New to hand wash fabric blouses, vests, jackets and pants. We enclose a gift packet for you to try with your order. Larger bottles ae for sale from our company.Please do not wash your leather garments

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