Berry Fit Consignment Items

Berry Fit Consignment Items

Berry Fit Company was founded over 20 years ago and has always considered the consignment part of the business to be an important service offered to our clients. Regardless of whether you're not sure about showing horses or you need an extra outfit, or perhaps you just like a good bargain, you'll probably find something you like at this site.

This site has been created in an effort to be more effective in showcasing our resale clothing. All clothing presented at this site has been made by Berry Fit Company, although our clients own the majority of clothes. Included in the site are samples that have been put on sale by the company.

CONSIGNMENT TIPS Many companies sell consignment show clothing, but getting the right fit remains a mystery to people. In an attempt to answer questions and give some guidance, I have jotted down a few tips and hints. Remember these work regardless of where you are purchasing consignment pieces.

The finished garment measurements are usually given for each garment. These must be compared to accurate body measurements. For instructions on taking body measurements, watch the video on our website,

To obtain a more accurate match for fitting purposes on a jacket and pants, the body measurements must be at least 2" smaller thru the bust, waist and hip area. The arms must be 2" shorter and the legs must be 2" shorter than the garment measurements. Shoulder width should be within 1/2".

For chaps, the thigh measurements should match, although chaps could fit within a 1/2" difference. The outseam should be 5" shorter than the garment. The chap waist is measured differently than the waist would be, as seen in the video. But should match garment and body.

HINTS: Check listed seam allowances and hem depths for alteration possibilities. Girls sizes have shorter armnole depth and crotch depth than adults do. Also, there is no bust allowance for girls. A bust larger than a B cup will need side darts for proper fit. The waistband on pants must lie exactly at the true waist, front and back. If you do have questions, please feel free to contact us for help.