Emerald Green Horsemanship Outfit, Ladies M, 5313ABCD

$ 1,995.00

Like new equitation or horsemanship 4 piece outfit includes leather rough out chaps in perfect condition, matching belt and pants and a stretch zip up the back blouse.

Chaps are like new with a silver concho, fringe and a 3 pc front buckle set.  Pants are a double knit, size 32 with 1" side seams except the waist has been let out.  2" hem.

Blouse is also in great shape with white and silver trim and lots of crystals.  Cowboy collar and seams allowances.  Sleeves have a velcro opening and 2" hem

All are hand wash and drip dry except the chaps need to be drycleaned.

Also included are size 9 matching boots and extra paint.

Blouse Measurements:

     Shoulders 16

     Sleeve length 22 1/2

     Bust 35 1/2

     Waist 27 1/2

     Hips 40

Chap Measurements:

     Chap waist 35

     Thigh 23

     Outseam 47

Pant Measurements:

     Waist 31 1/2

     Hips 43 1/2

     Outseam 43 1/2

Design #0521d

Invoice #21240


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