Periwinkle, Showmanship Outfit, Ladies XL, 2045AB

$ 2,187.00

Outfit includes periwinkle jacket with waist trim in white, purple and silver.  Pointed hemline, stand up v neck collar, overlap zipper, French cuffs, side darts.  Fully lined, hand wash and drip dry.  1" side seams and sleeves have 2" hem.  Easily removable cuffs.

Pants are size 34 with a side zipper.  3" hem and 1" side seams.

Jacket Measurements:

     Shoulders 18

     Sleeve length 26 1/2

     Bust 46

     Waist 39

     Hips 42

     Finished back length 24

Pant Measurements:

     Waist 35

     Hips 46

     Outseam 40


Design #0907e

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