Zodiac Purple Horsemanship Outfit, Ladies S 1534ABCD

$ 1,875.00

Nice royal purple color, zodiac smooth lamb chaps, matching pants and belt.

Blouse has white and black trim, French cuffs and a stand up collar.  Back zipper, spandex.

Blouse and pants are hand wash and drip dry.  Moderate crystalling.

Blouse Measurements:

     Shoulders 16

     Sleeve length

     Bust 32

     Waist 28

Pant Measurements:

     Waist 27

     Hips 38 1/2

     Outseam 38 1/2

Chap Measurements:

     Chap waist 34

     Thigh 24

     Outseam 48


Design# 0736a

Invoice 23096



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